Who we are?

Our values

  • Integrity
  • Diversity.
  • Commitment to delivering superior long-term value, in addition to short-term success.
  • Dedication to win-win relationships with customers, partners, employees, and community.


What we do

We are active in the development and global sourcing of enterprise software applications and web technologies.

Our offerings include custom application development, ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM - Customer Relation Management, Oracle database installation, Oracle database design and development, Oracle performance tuninginformation technology consultingwebsite design and development, and web hosting.

Our senior team has over fifty years of experience in the United States, providing information technology services to world-class companies and major government organizations. We draw on this experience to build and sustain a professional culture with high quality teams, processes, and services. Our custom software solutions, jointly developed with international customers, are currently in production, serving world-class companies in fifteen countries in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

We are one of the few software companies in Jordan to adopt a global IT outsourcing model early last decade.

Our strengths

  • Experience in meeting the information technology demands of world-class multi-national companies.
  • Experience in delivering complete business solutions.
  • Experience in change management and process re-engineering .
  • Experience in the human aspects of deploying, operating, and supporting information technology solutions.
  • A senior information technology team with over fifty staff years of software development experience in the United States.
  • An information technology team with over one hundred staff years of software outsourcing experience working cooperatively with international teams.


Our story

In 1998, a small team of experienced developers and consultants in the United States provided information technology services to S&P 500 companies. Over the next few years, the team was moved offshore to Amman - Jordan, and continued to grow in numbers, expertise, and range of services offered. Since then, our team, in partnership with our international clients, has developed software solutions that span five continents and fifteen countries.

Throughout those years, our team was part of Modern Information System Design (MISD), an integrated technology solutions provider and a leading computer hardware vendor in Jordan. In 2010, MISD created the PowerOne Software division with a mission to deliver world-class software solutions to the Middle East market, in addition to the United States and international markets.

At PowerOne Software, we are dedicated to helping our customers succeed through our information technology offerings. We offer all our customers the level of excellence expected by world-class companies. And we do so with the special care and attention only a small software company, like ours, can provide.

For further information about our company, we invite you to contact us at our customer support center.