With over a hundred years of accumulative experience in providing Oracle database services to organizations in over fifteen countries, PowerOne Software Oracle experts are ready to put their knowledge and skills to maximize your Oracle RDBMS investment.

Our senior Oracle RDBMS team has thirty years of experience working in the United States, designing, developing, and tuning Oracle databases and applications for large US companies and government agencies. Their contributions are recognized by awards and certificates of appreciation from major national organizations in the United States.

We are also a trusted Oracle outsourcing partner for international customers demanding the best in Oracle architecture, design, and performance tuning. Our Oracle team, located in Amman - Jordan,has supported and tuned the performance of large mission-critical Oracle databases in the United States, Mexico, Greece, Turkey, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and other countries.

powerone_oracle_services2Our Oracle team is experienced in a wide range of Oracle database implementations, from transaction-intensive real-time telecommunication applications, to query-intensive, very large data warehouses. Our Oracle experience also spans a wide range of Oracle databases and database technologies, leading to the latest Oracle 11g, Real Application Clusters ( RAC ), and database grids.

Our experience also spans a wide range of Oracle application development and Oracle middle-ware technologies, from Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports to the latest Oracle recommended technologies and frameworks,such as Oracle JDeveloper, Application Development Framework ( ADF ), and Service-Oriented Architecture ( SOA ).

Throughout the years, our Oracle experts have upgraded many Oracle databases and Oracle Forms applications to newer versions and have migrated Oracle applications from client-server architectures to modern highly-scalable multi-tier architectures. Our Oracle team also specializes in Oracle performance tuning where we can save you thousands of Dollars in server hardware and possibly tens of thousands of Dollars in Oracle license fees.



Our Oracle database and Oracle applications services

  • Oracle database architecture and design consulting services
  • Oracle high-availability applications architecture
  • Oracle database installation and patching
  • Oracle database upgrade (RDBMS 8i, 9i, 10g, and 11g)
  • Oracle database performance tuning
  • Oracle SQL performance tuning
  • Oracle PL/SQL performance tuning
  • Real Application Cluster (RAC) setup, configuration, and tuning
  • Oracle database health and security checks
  • Annual Oracle support contracts to keep your database up-to-date, secure, and tuned.

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