PowerOne Software started as an offshore software development team developing software solutions for companies in the United States. The team had over fifty years of cumulative experience working in the United States before moving "offshore" to Amman, Jordan.

At PowerOne Software, we understand what an exceptional software outsourcing company should deliver: "value" and "peace of mind". Our nine years of software outsourcing services to international customers is a testimony to our success. We owe part of that success to our team's fifty years of consulting experience in the United States which resulted in a deep understanding of business culture in the United States, as well as the quality and communication expected by American companies.

soft2gg_6To ensure we meet the highest standards in software outsourcing, we hire the best technical and managerial talent and focus on quality assurance and timeliness. We also strictly adhere to all copyright and licensing terms in every service we provide, and we will sign and be bound by all non-disclosure agreements. We take copyright and licensing rights very seriously as a matter of law and integrity.

Whether it makes sense for you to outsource part of a single software project or your entire information technology department, we will work with you to setup "your team" and your outsourcing policies according to your specific needs.

Our outsourcing services are:


Project-based software outsourcing

We provide you with a fixed-priced project or a task-based outsourcing team of technical and managerial experts to help you build specialized applications, processes, interfaces, portals or websites.

Our teams have experience in designing and developing real time, high-availability, high-throughput applications with very large databases as well as advanced dynamic websites, web portals, and sophisticated sites for dot com businesses.


Our project-based software outsourcing includes the following type of projects:

  • Enterprise web-based custom application development using Java/Oracle.
  • Web-based custom application development using PHP/MySQL.
  • Oracle RDBMS installation, administration, development, and performance tuning.
  • Website desing and development.

Software quality-assurance outsourcing


We provide you with life-cycle testing services utilizing manual and automated application testing. We also provide you specialized application, database, and process performance testing and benchmarking services with detailed reports of potential issues and possible resolutions.

To communicate with you, we developed online applications and procedures. Alternatively, we can use your own applications and procedures.


Software staff augmentation


We provide you with skilled professionals to work under your direction for the duration you need. Staff augmentation helps you add resources to your development team quickly and without all the costs associated with hiring new employees.

Whether you want to augment your staff to address an immediate need, or you want to have our IT experts support your staff on an as needed basis, we will  setup the appropriate team structure for you.

Our IT experts can help you in the following areas:

  • Java technologies and frameworks.
  • Oracle RDBMS installation, administration, development, and performance tuning.
  • Application servers setup and management.
  • PHP, CSS, Adobe Flash, Adobe Flex, JavaScript, and MySQL.


To inquire about our outsourcing services, contact our software outsourcing consultants .

For more information about why we chose Amman, Jordan, to perform our offshore software development, and why software outsourcing in Jordan is a smart choice, read about IT in Jordan .